2. How much do you need?

You would need to measure the area you want to cover first. Measure the length and the width of the area. We suggest that you make a drawing of the area to scale and indicate your measurements on your scetch. You can calculate the size of the area by multiplying the length and the width to obtain the size in square meters.

The second step is to determine how much grass or turf you need. It is not accurate to only use the required square meters you have calculated, becasue your area may not be a rectangle. On golf putting greens and in a landscaping projects the actual shape of your area may be curved.  Our grass is normally 4m wide by any length up to 30m and is therfore rectangular. To obtain the correct amount of grass to be ordered you need to overlay our rectangular grass size onto your scetch.  It will become clear where you need to cut away the grass that will become wastage or off cuts. To provide for wastage you would need to order more sqaure meters than the size of your area. Click here for more information on measuring curved areas

Our grass measures 4m, 4.1m and 2.1m wide. We can supply up to 30m lengths. If the length is more than 30m, the roll of grass becomes too heavy to handle without using a fork lift.   

If you need help with measuring your area please phone us on 011 789 3925 or use our contact form


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