3. Infill or No Infill

Here are some guidelines to help you make a decision

  • Some of our products require a sand infill. The sand nestels in between the blades and makes the grass stand up and lappear natural. Sand adds a touch of realsim to a synthetic product. Our lawn- and landscaping products such as Garden Grass Natural are designed to be installed with a sand infill. Garden Grass Campo and Terrazzo do not need a sand infill, but can be filled with sand if it is installed in a high traffic area or if a more natural look is required. Garden Grass Relax cannot¬†be sand filled. All our sports products need to be filled with sand or a mixture of sand and rubber particles.
  • Some products require a specialised installation process and is not suitable for installation by an inexperienced installer.
  • Here is a rule of thumb you can use to decide whether you need a sand or rubber infill system:
  • NO INFILL for -
  • balconies, decks and patios - in the back of bakkies on barges, in office parks, rooftops or indoors
  • steep hills or slopes
  • low traffic children's play areas

In the end you may choose what you wish, we are there to ensure that you get what you want.

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